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I met Sarah on Instagram (because, 2018) and we’d chat here and there about random things that popped up on stories like the time I thought I had poisoned myself with chopping too many jalapenos to what HP house we were in (Ravenclaw in case you were wondering). But, she posted something one day about her salon that she owns with a couple other BA ladies, Witch Hazel in Fountain Square, and I was like *I’m intrigued*.

She gave me a lot of info about the Kacey Welch Method and why it is so much better for your hair (I will let you know why in the FAQ’s below). I booked my appointment that day for a couple weeks later. Before my appointment I went in and she hair matched me with a few swatches. I honestly felt like I was waiting for Christmas to come I was so excited. Once I got to the salon *with my wine in tow* we talked a lot about the salon, how she got to where she was, the tattoo she got before they even had a business, how we were shy extroverts and of course cults and true crime. She was like my long lost soul sister and I was like, can I just hang out here all day? She also curls hair like the way you always wished you could but like, you never will. I got to talk to some of the people that work there too and they are all just really DOWN (and also exponentially cooler than me). You can tell she is so passionate about what she does, she’s such a dedicated artist and puts all of her love and support into not only her salon but the people that work for her, you can just tell. You don’t find many people like her these days….ok am I still talking about hair? Anyway, the photos speak for themselves. If you would like a consultation you can call Witch Hazel Salon (317) 525- 2221 and schedule an appointment with Sarah. Also, find her on Instagram: @sarahmgdoeshair to see pure hair magic (and her just being the cutest - ALSO cute dogs) See all the FAQ’s I got at the bottom!

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Price: The initial cost of the extensions depends entirely on desired length and the haircolor that she’s matching. The initial investment for extensions generally beings at $350 and can go to $1200. This includes the cost of the hair, the install, and custom cutting the extensions to perfectly match your hair. Again, schedule a consult and Sarah can get you a more precise cost!

Is there a specific kind of hair used?: She orders from a few different companies in an effort to match her client’s hair texture exactly (i.e. is it fine, medium or coarse, also is it stick straight, wavy, curly). Her preferred companies are Hair Compounds and JZStyles and she always orders the hand tied wefts.

Why is the Kacey Welch Method better than others?: Beading technique is really the biggest point of difference from any other beaded row method, the way that the beads are installed allows for the least amount of tension placed on the natural hair, so this avoids bald spots/breakage. Also, less than 10% of the natural hair is involved in the extensions which means minimal damage.

How often do they need to be moved up/cost of moving: These extensions need to be moved up every 8-10 weeks depending on your lifestyle and hair texture. The cost depends on how many rows you have in, she charges $200 per row to move.

How long do they last?: The hand tied wefts last for up to one year with proper hair care (daily brushing, using oils to nourish, deep conditioning moisturizing treatments, and heat protection). She recommends switching out one weft at a time as the year approaches to avoid the large initial startup fee again!

Fav products to treat the extensions: Shampoo - Balancing Wash by Kevin Murphy
Conditioner - HydrateMe Masque by Kevin Murphy
Detangler - Untangled by Kevin Murphy
Nourishing - Milk by Reverie
Between wash care - Smooth & Shine Serum from Eleven
Styling - Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy

How long does it take: The install takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on how many rows you have.

How will I know how many rows I will need: You can schedule your consultation and she will let you know!

Can they be colored after they are installed if I wanted to?: The natural hair can be colored with the extensions in as well as the extensions themselves. She can always tweak the color at the time of a move up appointment.

Do they feel heavy?: Not at ALL, they feel so natural and light.

Any other questions feel free to DM me!

Final thoughts:

I feel like Beyonce.


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