Sabines 2nd Birthday Party

It’s so crazy to me that the 2nd year of Sabines life went by so much quicker than the first. I think because we had so much change going on that things seemed to go by much faster. If you know me you know I live for a theme. Some may say obsessed. We celebrated her “two the moon” party at the new house along with a princess castle bounce house and our closest friends and family. Luckily there was no rain (or snow) and of course, we popped bottles.

Things I hope I never forget about Sabine at age 2:

  1. She’s always wanting to show you something. “Come on I’ll show you.”
  2. Her little giggle.
  3. “I did it!” when she does the most simple things, like opening the cap to a pen.
  4. When she sees me coming into her classroom, her face lights up and she shouts “mommy!” I could cry just thinking about that right now.
  5. Such a girlie girl, wants to wear bows every day and says “it's cute!”
  6. Her sassy attitude makes me laugh.
  7. Love for animals.
  8. She loves to hide, anytime she hears Taylor coming she says “SHH HIDE.”
  9. She's a daddy’s girl through and through, doesn’t help that they are identical twins.
  10. The “Sabine song.”

Thank you for everyone that was able to come and break in the new house with us!


Photography: Alex Morris Design

BabyKaiti Orf