I Found Out I have A Brother!

I got a phone call on May 16th from my Sister, Allie, and it went a little like this:

Allie: Have you talked to Dad?

Me: No, why, who died?

Allie: No, no one. Remember how I got those AncestryDNA kits for Mom and Dad for Christmas….

So, I’m going to give you the cliff notes version because it’s a long one. My sister bought the AncestryDNA kit’s “for fun” to see what our family lineage was and gave them to my Mom and Dad for Christmas. Little did we know a guy named Jason Leaverton was taking an AncestryDNA test to potentially see if he could finally track down his biological father. Fast forward to Mother’s Day and he gets back results that say “William Lindsay, Parent”. He also saw my Aunt Penny as “Close Family” and my sister listed the same. His wife, Candice, attempted to make contact through the Ancestry app with no response, so she took to Facebook and connected all of the dots with my Dad, myself, and my sister (Candice is a bit of sleuth I have come to find out, I think she needs to be a part time Private Detective). After a lot of moments of “WHAT? WAIT WHAT” Jason and my Dad were able to talk on the phone. There were a lot of happy tears shed, and a lot of shock that this person had been out there all our lives and we had no idea.

(We know, he's a big guy)

We wanted to be 1000% sure there wasn’t some huge hiccup with the Ancestry kit so we decided to do a paternity test and it came back 99.9999% percent match, Jason was my dads son and our half brother. We were all so excited and decided that day him, his wife Candice, and their daughter Alyssa were all going to make the trip from Tennessee to Indy on that upcoming MDW! 

(Can you tell how happy my Dad is?!)

My Dad flew in from Houston and they drove up from Tennessee. When they texted that they were 10 minutes away my Dad's direct quote was "I could easily throw up right now". The nerves were HIGH. But, we finally got to meet face-to-face and we spent the entire day getting to know each other, swapping stories, reliving how we all found out about each other, and getting burnt to a crisp by the pool. We feel so lucky that we were all able to finally find each other and we're so happy that Jason was finally able to connect with the Dad he never knew.

We’re all making plans to connect again soon and the group chats are always going strong. So, AncestryDNA, we’re ready for our success story commercial whenever you need us!