BIRTHDAY | turning 31

1.       Decorate the hell out of my home – We will be in this house for a long time, probably until Sabine (and maybe 1 more) are at least in highschool. I’m going to make this home my decorative bitch.

2.       Promotion at work – I have been with my company for almost 3 years now, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it there. They are truly my family. I have been working on aiming towards a promotion and I want to make that mine this year!

3.       Baby #2 – Ok so this isn’t such a “goal” as it is family planning. It’s time, for sure. If I put it out there I can’t back down as easy when that time rolls around that Taylor and I have been discussing trying again. Sooo it’s out there.

4.       Drink more water – This may seem super easy for some people but seriously, I realize I have gone days without drinking water.

5.       Get my hair and skin care regimen down – I am trying to get my hair back where it was when I was 17, longer, thicker and way less damaged. I also need to find the best skincare routine for my skin type. Mine consists of face wash and moisturizer and mama needs to keep that skin looking young :)

6.       Build the blog –  I want to be able to work with other bloggers, influencers, and brands, to really build the lifestyle blog I’ve always dreamed of!

7.       Exercise – I am so terrible when it comes to working out, I go on sprees of it. Sometimes I’m super dedicated, other times I’m slacking off. I need to get my ass on a schedule and stick to it.

8.       Cook more at home – Taylor and I are subscribed to Hello Fresh (I’m like a walking Yelp review for HF) but we only do it 3 times a week, every other week. Those other nights I struggle to cook at home. I need to be better about going to the grocery store and having a meal plan.

9.       Vacation with my husband – Taylor and I found out I was pregnant on our honeymoon, that’s a story for another post…. But, we were in Aruba and I was honestly sick most of the time. We had fun but, I want to go somewhere and really do a proper honeymoon where I’m a little more fun. Italy?

10.   Bird and Bean – Continue to grow and create!


Kaiti Orf