The Nose Job

Let me begin by saying I am not “pro plastic surgery” I am “pro it’s your own body and decision”. I am not going to say I haven’t been judgmental about it in the past, because I was. I called them fake, or self absorbed. But, as I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I’ve learned that it really isn’t anyone’s damn business, is it? I’m not here to push anyone to go get plastic surgery, not in the least. BUT, if it is something you think about constantly, you have been wanting to do for a long time, you’ve done your research, and so SO much more….then do what makes YOU happy. (Also, I hope it goes without saying, don’t ever get plastic surgery for a man 😉)

When I posted about it I got a lot of questions so here are the FAQs:

When did I notice it had gotten bigger? I always felt like I had a big nose (to me). No one else confirmed those feelings but I didn’t like it and talked about a nose job for years. But, I noticed it substantially bigger in my 3rd trimester. I read that it was just swelling and would go down.

How long did I wait until I got it done? I waited about 10 months before my surgery. I discussed it with my husband while I was on maternity leave and I decided I would wait. I ended up getting surgery in February 2017, my daughter was born April 2016.

Did people notice? I’ve gotten so many times since that IG story “oh my gosh I didn’t even notice” which to some may think it makes me feel like “well why did I get it done if no one notices?” well no one thought I needed it done in the first place! I didn’t want something that was completely going to change the look of my face drastically, I just wanted it slimmer. My sister was PISSED that I was getting it done, thinking we wouldn’t look like sisters anymore. My dad was angry as well, considering he’s who I go the nose from in the first place (I think he was really offended). My husband thought it would be botched and I wouldn’t look like me anymore. But, after it was all said and done they are all completely fine with it, it didn’t extremely change what I look like.

How long did it take to heal? Ok, so it officially doesn’t heal for a year. I know, a long time. But, if you’re talking when did I go back to work and not looking like I got in a fight in a back alley? I got it done on a Wednesday and went back to work the following Thursday. Bruising still? Yes. Concealer and Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation came to the rescue. It took a couple months for the swelling to go down and then definitely true, it took a year before I could 100%  comfortably blow my nose or if Sabine accidentally waped me in the nose I didn’t see white.

What about your daughter? I highly doubt she will even know unless I told her. If Sabine grows up, is at an appropriate age to grow into her body (reminder, I was almost 30 when I got the surgery), has her own money and wants to do what have you, I will 100% support her. That being said, I will not encourage it either. This was not a off the cuff decision. I did a lot of research on the surgeon and I did a lot of soul searching before I went under the knife. I regret nothing.

Who was your plastic surgeon? Dr. Mark Hamilton. Hamilton Plastic Surgery. He only does face so he’s a pro. He studied my nose and told me exactly what he was going to do to achieve exactly the look I was going for. If you are local to Indy, check it out if you’re looking. (Maybe this will get me some free botox 😉)

Now go ahead and scour my Instagram for my “before nose”.


Photography: Alex Morris Design

Tee: Nasty Gal

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

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