Here's a small list of the items I have been obsessed with for quite some time now and I either always replace or will replace when they are gone. DM me on Instagram if you have questions about any of the products below! 


One – I am on my second Diptyque Baies candle and it is one of the best smelling candles I have ever owned. It is a spurge for a candle but smells like heaven. Someone please gift me the large version for $300 😊

Two – Do you know how hard it was to not fill this post with just candles? This is another favorite.

Three – THIS IS THE BEST MAKE UP BRUSH CLEANER. It’s like magic. Trust.

Four – My absolute favorite bra/tank. I am usually wearing this vs wearing a regular bra, it’s also better than a tank top because it doesn’t go down all the way to your waist so if you need to wear it under something it doesn’t bunch up all day.

Five – This is a new thing for me, I don’t usually like face-wash and I have always been a make up wipes girl but a friend of mine that sells Nerium sent this to me for Mother’s Day to try and I am hooked. I love it because you can rub it all over your face and eyes to get your make up off and it doesn’t burn and isn’t messy. I also felt like it's the only thing that removes ALL of my make up. 

Six – This gives the best volume to my hair and smells delicious.

Seven – Another hair favorite, I love that you can get this dry shampoo with a light finish for blondes and darker finish for brunettes so you aren’t left with that baby powder look when you’re done. Also, how did anyone ever live before dry shampoo?

Eight – Favorite foundation brush. Period.

Nine – I love the finish this gives and I have been using it for years. It’s like its giving you an instant Snapchat filter and leaves you looking matte all day.