Story time: I avoided this exact color for YEARS because one time in middle school I was trying on “new school year clothes” with my mom at Macy’s and I came out of the dressing room and she said “NO, nope, don’t wear that color it washes you out” (sorry for the call out mom). But, that stuck with me and I avoided it like the plague. Not really, but I knew never to buy anything in that color. I was young and probably had that pasty white skin with my braces and frizzy hair and it was not doing me any favors.

But, after about 15 years and a spray tan I decided to try again and I loved it. Good thing because this color is EVERYWHERE. I am posting a few looks with this pretty mustard color and have rounded up most of the items and tagged them below. Wear your mustard proud, ladies!

Photography - Alex Morris Design

Location: The Lemon Bar

Cold Shoulder Tee

Tortoise Sunglasses

Marble Bracelet

Jean Shorts


Jean Jacket

Caged Heels (similar)

The bandana is Madewell but it looks like it is sold out, along with the round aviator sunglasses which were originally from American Eagle but a couple of years old (here's a similar bandana and round sunglasses). The off the shoulder dress was from Forever 21 as well (is it ok that I still shop there?) but it's not available. This one is similar and so cute!