OUR FAMILY SESSION | Alex Morris Design

I'm sure a lot of you know this but i know some do not. Alex and I have been good friends since middle school. She’s always been amazing at anything “art” that you can imagine. Awhile ago she started studying the hell out of photography and creates pure MAGIC. She never went through one of those “starting out” phases where you can tell this is a photographer learning, She just came out of the gate like a frickin pro. Once I started my blog I knew it would not be successful without her taking my photos (well, let’s hope it’s successful). Every time I go and have a shoot with her i’m like "ugh, I’m so awkward I take terrible photos why am I doing this?" Then she sends me one while editing and I’m like AM I A MODEL? Oh no, you’re not, she’s just that good. It’s not her camera, it’s not the lighting, it’s her talent. She has people asking quite often about how she takes her photos and let me just tell you, she doesn’t just bring out her camera and 'click click'... she studies it and she puts in time working on the craft of photography...it shows.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: I’m so freaking lucky she takes all of my photos and all the photos of my baby (and my husband when he allows it). Everyone deserves to get in front of the camera with her because prom prom she makes you look incredible. See for yourself:

To contact and book with Alex you can visit her website here. She does everything from Fresh 48 sessions, maternity, newborn, lifestyle, etc. 

P.S. did you know how hard it was to downsize from 200 photos? Dress is from Windsor