I would say I was really surprised that Sabine easily transitioned into her “big girl bed” but really she takes change with stride. Switching schools, switching classes, moving, etc. she has always adjusted well. I did some research before making the switch and found some tips and tricks that worked for us, I also added a couple of my own since I know her personality well:

1.       The bed we used for her was originally in our guest room. My father in law has been the only one that has used it so she always said it was “Pepops room”. Once we decided we would move that into her room I would tell her every time we passed it that was her new big girl bed. Soon after a few days she would call it her bed and was excited.

2.       We placed the bed in the same spot (pretty much) that her crib was in. I read that was important and I’m not sure if it was somewhere else if she would have not adjusted as well but having it against the wall was more comforting for us so it was one less spot she could fall out.

3.       We got the bed rails from Buy Buy Baby and they were very easy to put together and place on the bed.

4.       We let her choose a present from Target for her new room. I was thinking more like a new stuffed animal but the girl chose sunglasses. Ha. But my point is, letting them pick something out for their new bed gets them more excited for it.

5.       We also let her “help us” take apart her crib. We told her that she was such a big girl now that she didn’t need a crib anymore. She was very open to helping.

6.       We gave her a reward the next morning for sleeping through the night in her bed. We made her a special breakfast and also let her have a cookie on the side. Whatever reward works in your house, I would be sure to do that to show them it was an accomplishment and you are proud.

I have heard that kids try and get out of the bed, they are in and out and all that and I am not sure if she is just too scared to get down or is really just not realizing she isn’t caged in like her crib. Either way, I hope she continues to sleep through the night….and sleeps in on the weekends. Thank you blackout curtains for that.

Bed | Pillow cases | Heart print | FrameThe world is your oyster print (similar) | Unicorn | Unicorn lamp | Rug | Ostrich stuffed animal | Bed rails | Fringe basket | Light fixture | Fringed monogram hook | Marquee hook

Extras: I'm sorry the wood chest was from a consignment store and not sure of the brand | Wood cut out of 'Sabine' was made by a friend | 'S' print made by me | Basket holding bows and mirror were Hobby Lobby finds | Stool was a gift.