valentines day shoot | opening up


When I started shooting these outfits for one of my favorite boutiques (She Is Boutique, check them out), this blog post was never on my mind. I wanted to shoot cute Valentines Day content and post some Instagrams. Then when I was editing, I started to realize, wow am I conforming to who I said I 100% didn’t want to be? Yep. It happens so quick, it’s SO HARD to not think to yourself “well this works for them so I’m going to do it too”. How many times have you seen: the girl in the car with the Starbucks cup, the Gucci bag, and the stack of gorgeous bracelets and rings? The girl standing outside of her car holding said Starbucks with a cute beanie? The girl holding the cookie up with a kissy face (see: IG post)? 100,000 times. I am not here to hate on those girls, those girls are some of my friends, they are the cutest, most gorgeous group of girls I’ve ever seen, who I look up to, who I say “why don’t I look like her?” “why can she do this and I can’t?” “what am I doing wrong?”

I am telling you, the things that go into having a successful blog, or being an “influencer” is not something that you can do over night. These girls GRIND. They are putting themselves out there, they have a business women mentality and go for it. I envy so many of them wondering if there’s something I’m missing or if I just am not sure what in the hell I’m doing.

When I started this blog I told myself I wouldn’t just be “another blogger” with all of the same content. I “think” people want to see a small part inside my world. I struggle with wondering if that is even true or is this some narcissistic way of thinking? I still don’t know. I don’t think I ever will.

I believe a lot of people think when they see beautiful Instagram girls posting their perfect lives think just that: it’s perfect. Not true. Keep in mind Instagram is just a highlight reel. No one is showing the days where they feel like they are failing as a Mom, they are in a fight with their husband, and work isn’t going exactly the way they wanted. That’s not what people want to see. I’m not saying all people are fake, they live beautiful lives, I’m saying I get it. I see those and think, “well shit I’m never going to be as successful as she is why am I even trying”? I think that every single day.

I struggle day to day wondering if I should stay true to who I am or conform to what gets me to where I want to be, but not necessarily a way I would be proud to get it. I think everyone does, but I just wanted to shed light on the fact that everyone struggles. Everyone feels insecure. Everyone wonders if they are doing things right.

I hope you’re reading this and knowing whatever you’re doing, even if you feel like you’re doing it wrong every single day but you want it so bad…keep going, don’t compare yourself. No one is you, and you have something people want. (I need to practice what I preach).

After ALL THOSE FEELS… I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures Alex and I shot last weekend.

Back story: we were supposed to get a LOT of snow over night and throughout the day….and all it did was rain freezing rain all morning. I said scrap it, who cares about the snow photos (even though I wanted them so bad). So, we shot the photos for the boutique inside, we drank champagne, etc etc. Then, of course, right before I was leaving it started to dump snow. Naturally, I forced Alex to go outside and snap photos. I think she took one of my favorite photos of myself (bottom)…I can’t frame a pic of myself can I? (again, narcissist).

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As always all photography is by Alex Morris Design.

Do you chug champagne and dance in the street? I do.