It was an extra rainy and an extra cold day this go around but we made do. But, it was also extra special because my brother and sister in law were able to celebrate Sabine’s birthday for the first time! This year it was bumble bee themed (a bee-day party if you will). It was filled with a lot of love, a lot of sugar, and a really good lemonade spritzer if I do say so myself. We’re so thankful that we have friends and family that come from near and far to love on her each year.

Her personality has really evolved from two to three. She is so funny, so opinionated, so challenging, and so smart. She’s a girly girl who loves dresses but also loves to get down and dirty in some mud. She loves her doggies (Milo and “Baby Ladley”), her friends at school, and endlessly extending the time between going to bed by “two minutes”. I am still wondering how long she will willingly let me match her, hoping we can keep it going a couple more years. Thank you to Alex Morris Design as always for snapping pics of the party.

You can find matching “Babe” & “Mama” jackets soon on Bird and Bean Co!

We had such an amazing day, I was so touched that my brother and sis-in-law drove all the way from Clarksville, TN to join the party. Until next year, my sweet Sabine!

My jean jacket: Amazon

Sabines jean jacket: Amazon

Dress: Forever 21

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