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Every year since I can remember I have been going up to Lake Michigan. I call it my “happy place”. Can you tell from the photo above? It’s always been such a relaxing fun time where I can recharge. My Godparents have a house that I have been going to when I was a kid and ever since I got married we have been taking family vacations there as well with my in-laws.

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Sabines 2nd Birthday Party

It’s so crazy to me that the 2nd year of Sabines life went by so much quicker than the first. I think because we had so much change going on that things seemed to go by much faster. If you know me you know I live for a theme. Some may say obsessed. We celebrated her “two the moon” party at the new house along with a princess castle bounce house and our closest friends and family. Luckily there was no rain (or snow) and of course, we popped bottles.

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